Tencent created AI agents that can beat StarCraft 2’s Cheater AI

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Sc2 matches

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Video about sc2 matches:

In a game where errors can count in the hundreds due to the breakneck pace of decisions, StarCraft rarely sees two flawless performances crash into each other. After falling far behind in the early game, TaeJa had to shift into another gear—one that he had not found in over a year—in order to give himself a fighting chance against one of the best Protoss in the world.

Sc2 matches

This is an example of how complicated the ZvT matchup can be when it isn't a battle of pure mechanics. This is a strange game, and it would be dangerous to read too much into it, but it does seem to highlight some issues with HotS units. It takes a crazy amount of processors to process the ridiculous amount of data it takes to train the bots on billions of frames of video.

Sc2 matches

Sc2 matches

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