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Scorpio in a nutshell

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They are poised, beautiful and charismatic. Another water sign, Cancer or Pisces, will brave those deep waters but it is her opposite, Taurus, that might have the real key.

Scorpio in a nutshell

Scorpio women often favor Aries and Virgo partners. To be out of control is very threatening, even dangerous to the Scorpio's psyche, when they control, they feel safe. She knows that real beauty is about being strong, healthy, and smart.

Scorpio in a nutshell

Scorpio in a nutshell

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  1. They are adventurous lovers and their sex life is always thriving because of their undying passion and unbeatable stamina.

  2. They love making lots of money and more than that, they love keeping their money safe, secure and untouched. She may not show it, but she wants a close committed relationship.

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