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Scorpio vs sagittarius fight

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A Scorpio must remember that the Archer sign cannot be chained and restricted. There's a big chance that the Sagittarius and Scorpio would meet in a function or a gathering of a common interest like a hobby or a profession that involves a lot of creativity. Also Sag is way more courageous, and will fight for the right cause; whereas Scorpio only fights to exert control but loses many fights in life which were stupid to get involved to begin, and in the end he kills himself -- that is no strong sign.

Scorpio vs sagittarius fight

Sagittarian dreams can lead the Scorpio to new uplifting states of optimism. Scorpio woman is envious and possessive in love. Not in the literal sense, but yes, when it to comes to the topic of 'relationships', it's either black or white.

Scorpio vs sagittarius fight

Scorpio vs sagittarius fight

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