Auras: Maybe We Can All Feel Them And They Are Trying To Tell Us Something

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Sensing aura

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If you can see auras, you can see energy. What physical sensations do you feel in your hands? To feel your aura is quite difficult to recognise at first, it may be easier to try sensing someone else's or a plant.

Sensing aura

Now move to the aura surrounding the head. It is against UK law to give a medical diagnosis such as predicting a pregnancy when giving psychic readings. For more information on meditation visit the Meditation Room.

Sensing aura

Sensing aura

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  1. Just focus on the feelings and sensations you are getting when you are around other people.

  2. In his therapeutic work today, he focuses on Jungian and Freudian clinical theories and more spiritual aspects.

  3. After meeting someone, write down what appeared in your mind or any color you associated with that person.

  4. For many students, seeing the aura is a turning point in their development because it is tangible. You will remember from your high school science lessons that like poles of magnets repel one another—they fly apart when brought together.

  5. For example, when drawing family members, some children use a specific color for each person. Each one of us encounters many different feelings and situations.

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