Starbucks Support of the Troops/Military

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Snopes starbucks marines

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When Starbucks learned of the original email, we immediately contacted the author, a Marine Sergeant, who subsequently sent an e-mail to his original distribution list correcting the mistake. The writer urges a boycott of Starbucks.

Snopes starbucks marines

A rumor that Starbucks refused free product to Marines serving in Iraq, saying the company didn't support the war or anyone taking part in it, is both old and false. I heard by word of mouth about how Starbucks said they didn't support the war and all. A poster promoting two new iced drinks prompted some consumers to see in it reminders of the hijacked planes hitting the twin towers.

Snopes starbucks marines

Snopes starbucks marines

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  1. Wright has been unable to produce the reply his buddy supposedly received from Starbucks, and the folks at Starbucks deny engaging in any correspondence on such matter prior to this rumor coming along. You were recently at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

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