How Your Snoring is Affecting Your Relationship

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Snoring affecting relationship

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It might be acceptable in the scrum on a Saturday afternoon with the lads, but not exactly a thrill for your partner - well, not mine, in any case. With both conversational and physical intimacy times declining, there goes another large chunk out of the relationship. It was reasonably comfortable and I eventually got used to the new neck angle, but my girlfriend assured me it made very little difference to my snoring.

Snoring affecting relationship

Snoring affects your relationships as it is frustrating situation for both the partners. I wasn't mad on the overall sensation either, and they seemed to give me a temporary speech impediment.

Snoring affecting relationship

Snoring affecting relationship

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  1. That's when I heard about Dr Yves-Victor Kamami, who had invented a radio frequency procedure - LAUP Laserassisted uvulopalatoplasy - to tighten the uvula area, so that it vibrates far less during sleep.

  2. A couple married for long period are not affected by the snoring of their partner. She said it was the kindest thing anyone had ever done for her and couldn't believe that I was prepared to go through elective surgery for her.

  3. When it arrived I had to dunk it in boiling water for 30 seconds and then bite on it hard for two minutes, as it moulds to the shape of your teeth. Snoring relief treatments for every type of snorer can be found at www.

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