Society Dining Lounge now open in Yaletown

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Society dining lounge vancouver

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I place the wine-glass remnant on the table, in clear sight of the waitress, where it remains, disregarded, for the rest of the evening. Chodorow's multiple China Grills, where volume, brash showmanship and decadently rich food meet cocktail-fuelled good times. Story continues below advertisement Society undoubtedly lives up to its tag line as "Yaletown's Most Unpredictable Dining Lounge.

Society dining lounge vancouver

At least they didn't miss out on much with dessert. Instead of sitting outside which might have at least earned them some free doughnut holes , they chose to wait inside the doorway, where they stood with their coats on for a full 30 minutes, gazing yearningly at their nearby table, which remained empty the entire time.

Society dining lounge vancouver

Society dining lounge vancouver

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  1. Society wasn't just the worst dining experience I've encountered within the Glowbal Group chain of restaurants. I thought they could usually be counted upon for decent fare and friendly service.

  2. When I return - approximately 40 minutes after we first walked in the door - the hostess has begun moving us indoors. Chodorow's multiple China Grills, where volume, brash showmanship and decadently rich food meet cocktail-fuelled good times.

  3. Save for two large Barbie-pink glass chandeliers, the dark, sultry space, coolly appointed with slate walls, damask-patterned screens and pearly leather banquettes, takes itself extremely seriously.

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