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Starflight archery

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Video about starflight archery:

A non-arcuate flat surface or multiple sloped surface may alternately be used. However, with many of the newer arrow rests currently in use, the arrow supporting portion of the rest contacts the arrow shaft adjacent the vanes as the vanes pass through or over the rest. This tends to stabilize the arrow during flight to produce a straighter and more accurate flight path.

Starflight archery

The vanes often contact portions of the rest, thereby deflecting the arrow's path. The degree of rotation and centering can be optimized for different arrows to provide greater accuracy.

Starflight archery

Starflight archery

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  1. The degree of rotation and centering can be optimized for different arrows to provide greater accuracy.

  2. If the vanes are provided as a molded unit such as shown in U. Whereas this invention is here illustrated and described with reference to embodiments thereof presently contemplated as the best mode of carrying out such invention in actual practice, it is to be understood that various changes may be made in adapting the invention to different embodiments without departing from the broader inventive concepts disclosed herein and comprehended by the claims that follow.

  3. Generally, only one side surface 25 or 26 of the vane body has an inclined surface extending therefrom.

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