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Stepney ct

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They claimed peace meetings were in reality demonstrations in support of the secession of the Southern states. Encircled around the base are cobblestones, most engraved and purchased by residents to preserve their history for the generations to come.

Stepney ct

The scene on the green deteriorated into chaos. It took around half an hour to travel by train from Bridgeport to Monroe, a fraction of the time required to make the same trip via the turnpike. In Stepney got its own post office and a new name:

Stepney ct

Stepney ct

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  1. Train fare from Bridgeport to Monroe was 37 cents, as compared to 10 cents or more in tolls to drive a horse and wagon along the turnpike.

  2. Built around , it was a hub for milk wagons and for the sale of hardware and household goods.

  3. The railroad tracks ran between the depot and the public works property and connecting to the entrance of Great Hollow Lake Park.

  4. By the mids, the automobile rendered train travel obsolete. Buried here are more than 40 men who helped direct the course of American history through military service in crucial conflicts.

  5. The Stepney Green also serves as the trailhead marker with the construction of an information kiosk.

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