steroids are substances made by man to help with diseases such as hiv and aids. These substances have an anabolic affect on the body which causes muscles to grow faster and stronger than what would be possible naturally. For this reason there are many athletes out there that use steroids to gain an advantage over their competitors. Steroids in sports is banned for this unfair advantage that it gives. They are also very popular in bodybuilding, there are many bodybuilders out there that choose to use steroids along with other bodybuilding supplements in order to grow faster than ever imaginable before steroids.

Bodybuilders usually cycle steroids for 8 to 12 weeks at a time with an off period of 8 to 12 weeks as well. A cycle will usually include steroid such as dianabol and testosterone for a bulking cycle or winstrol and trenbolone for a cutting cycle, there are many different ways to use steroids, some ways safer and more effective than others.

Steroids are usually injected or taken orally, steroids creams also exist but these are far less effective as their absorption rate is a lot lower than when injected or taken orally. For oral steroids such as dianabol a dosage of around 40mg a day is taken, this is enough to bring on very good results. For steroids such as Testosterone a dosage of around 500mg is what most average steroid users use in a cycle. Once a cycle is over then a pct is started which is done to help bring the bodies natural testosterone levels back to normal, many people skip the pct part which is a huge mistake as this can lead to massive loss of gains, the faster your bodies hormone levels return to normal the more gains you can keep.