Seducing the Subconscious: The Psychology of Emotional Influence in Advertising

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Subconscious seduction

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At no point will the target sense like it is being manipulated or influenced. If you communicate to or know the target, then monitor signs when you are talking to them. For example, the well-known studies of social psychologists such as John Bargh and his numerous colleagues show that, at least in the lab, people can be induced to walk more slowly after unscrambling sentences containing words that are associated with the elderly grey, bingo, wrinkle ; they buckle more easily in the face of peer pressure if they have seen a photograph of an accountant rather than a photo of a punk rocker; people are more inclined to be cooperative if they are sitting at a table that holds a backpack than one that holds a briefcase; and, if they are Dutch-English bilinguals, are more cooperative when undertaking a task in Dutch than in English.

Subconscious seduction

There you can lead him or her into a more cozy area and steer the conversation to something much more sensual and stimulating. Some surrender easily, others with confrontation.

Subconscious seduction

Subconscious seduction

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  1. Once you have reached your target, you should keep a handy notebook or something suitable to keep track of all your observations.

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