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Suva fiji attractions

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You will find them conveniently placed within walking distances and always welcoming to visitors. Viewing a movie with locals can be quite disconcerting with the differing cultures having totally different reactions.

Suva fiji attractions

Since Turtle Island is the private property and belongs to the businessman Richard Ewanson. Active rest fans will also find here much interesting.

Suva fiji attractions

Suva fiji attractions

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  1. Active rest fans will also find here much interesting. Here you will find most popular restaurants, shops, cinemas and cafes.

  2. This was the site of the original village of Suva, surrounded by a defensive wall and moat, that was decimated by flames in during a war between two tribes, Rewa and Bau, that was to last 11 years resulting in the slaughter of people and cannibalistic feasting on the victims. There is usually always someone around who will give you a brief tour and an idea about the religion.

  3. The park has natural pools for swimming, tumbling falls and many birds. For more than a hundred years of its existence, the cathedral managed to preserve unique exterior and interior designs.

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