Icons: Symbols of Sobriety in a Culture of Chaos

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Symbols of sobriety

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The elements of the material world -- the things we have and use, our bodies, and nature -- all have intrinsic value not only through creation God calls all that he has created "good" , but in the incarnation, which is the foundation and substance of all authentic iconography. This was a new idea for me.

Symbols of sobriety

We do not honor the matter from which things are made. I began to value matter for these reasons when I became Orthodox and learned to venerate icons such as the cross and the painted images of the saints. In the first place, there is a difference between veneration and worship.

Symbols of sobriety

Symbols of sobriety

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  1. All are examples of profound insobrieties that blow up into very distorted world-views. Yet, such an emphasis finally denigrates the very objects one seeks; ironically, consumerism denies and devalues the particular material substance over which it obsesses, and the obsession itself becomes a form of blind and empty worship.

  2. We value how they make us feel, or are supposed to make us feel, and when they do not meet our expectations, we go on to something else. As Saint John of Damascus writes:

  3. If we fail to make this distinction, then it seems rather odd for the writer of Proverbs, Paul, and others to admonish children to honor their mothers and fathers.

  4. In religious life, insobriety is evident in popular movements that promote super-spiritual phenomena, born-again testimonies, and an extreme emphasis on charismatic gifts, appealing to the certainty of personal first-order experiences by themselves, which must be repeated to keep up the momentum, sometimes in new and questionable ways. If we fail to make this distinction, then it seems rather odd for the writer of Proverbs, Paul, and others to admonish children to honor their mothers and fathers.

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