Funny videos

The internet is packed with funny videos, today i was bored and decided to watch some and found a few really good ones that i have added below, I hope they brighten up your day as well.

The first one is of banned tv adverts, these are hilarious and very well done.

The second one below is a compilation of pranks. Again these are extremely funny.

Lose Your Baby Fat the Easy Way

Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling stages in a woman’s life. Seeing your baby grow in your care is surely a task that most women enjoy. However, women often lose confidence as they gain weight and develop baby fats after pregnancy. Actually, you can enjoy both roles of being a mom and taking care of yourself as well. Time time to do some research and you will find that breakthroughs on weight loss have been continuously discovered. You don’t need to spend a great deal of cash for surgical operations to lose baby fats. There are easy, natural and healthy ways that you surely would enjoy.

Some may loose their weight in three to six months. Yet, some, especially those who undergo a Cesarean operation decided to let things be and start dieting after a year. Point is, you have to be very patient with your self and should consider your existing condition. Remember, it’s your health that counts most.


When you finally resolved this self-conflict. You may start re-examining your life and make your own routine. Taking things slowly does not mean that you have to let gain weight uncontrollably! Women under Cesarean operation who are advised not to take vigorous exercises may take a low-car diet or a fiber-enriched diet as prescribed by their doctor. If you undergo normal delivery, you may increase activities with your baby like walking him/her around, doing baby leg lifts and playing.


Aside from exercises, also consider breastfeeding. Breastfeeding may deform your firm breasts, however, this has been proven to help lose weight. This happens because breastfeeding entails a lot of calories while your body converts food to human milk. While losing weight, you can assure that you and your baby will have more bonding moments together. Worry about the consequences later. Anyway, there are always exercises and surgical operations that you can consider.


For sure, you are busy keeping your baby’s health. However, you should not deprive your self from having lots of sleep and rest. Seek help from your husband or a helper in babysitting. You can take turns as with tasks especially in sleeping late. Also, start learning ways on relaxation and meditation on your free time. This surely helps you develop more patience and enthusiasm while having a baby.


Cheer up! Don’t ever think that mothering is the end of the world for you. Open your self to meeting new people and mothers who share the same experiences. You will find out that bonding with people with the same experiences help relieve stress and help dieting and exercise more fun. Suggest group activities, strolls and exercises that other mothers would love. Also, discuss about currently used dieting programs. They may have other greater ideas to enlighten you.


Take some time to see the effects of your efforts. Love your self. It is high time to give more effort on your self considering that your family needs you. Don’t expect results overnight. Expect months or even a year to restore your shape. Also, consult your doctor or a dietitian every now and then. Tell them about your eating habits and diet and they will give the right advices.


steroids are substances made by man to help with diseases such as hiv and aids. These substances have an anabolic affect on the body which causes muscles to grow faster and stronger than what would be possible naturally. For this reason there are many athletes out there that use steroids to gain an advantage over their competitors. Steroids in sports is banned for this unfair advantage that it gives. They are also very popular in bodybuilding, there are many bodybuilders out there that choose to use steroids along with other bodybuilding supplements in order to grow faster than ever imaginable before steroids.

Bodybuilders usually cycle steroids for 8 to 12 weeks at a time with an off period of 8 to 12 weeks as well. A cycle will usually include steroid such as dianabol and testosterone for a bulking cycle or winstrol and trenbolone for a cutting cycle, there are many different ways to use steroids, some ways safer and more effective than others.

Steroids are usually injected or taken orally, steroids creams also exist but these are far less effective as their absorption rate is a lot lower than when injected or taken orally. For oral steroids such as dianabol a dosage of around 40mg a day is taken, this is enough to bring on very good results. For steroids such as Testosterone a dosage of around 500mg is what most average steroid users use in a cycle. Once a cycle is over then a pct is started which is done to help bring the bodies natural testosterone levels back to normal, many people skip the pct part which is a huge mistake as this can lead to massive loss of gains, the faster your bodies hormone levels return to normal the more gains you can keep.