Gout and Green Tea

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Tea room boise

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Tea room boise

Also note that caffeine is a diuretic and you will need to adjust your water intake accordingly by drinking more water. So here's a list of recent things we've been up to! Drinking green tea can also trigger more frequent urination, which can help remove excess uric acid that leads to gout.

Tea room boise

Tea room boise

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  1. People in countries like China, India and Japan, who drink lots of green tea, have a lower rate of developing diseases like arthritis and cancer.

  2. You should give your gout green tea remedy a few weeks to see if it helps. In the summertime I also like to brew a bigger pot and then put in the fridge for some cold green tea.

  3. Great for around the house thrifted but needed some actual NEW ones! EGCG has been described as possessing strong cancer fighting properties, stronger indeed than vitamins C and E.

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