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The rules by ellen fein

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But it seems that The Rules tapped into a larger anxiety in the culture; in their simplistic, jingoistic way, they expressed a need, a yearning, a worry about old-fashioned courtship that is worth taking into account. You are unlike anyone else. There is a reason why liars are lonely.

The rules by ellen fein

They will respect you. Why should women who are aggressive and ambitious in every other area of life want that so much? And one can't help feeling a certain satisfaction that someone who told millions of women the best way to marital bliss is not to talk much on dates may be reconsidering her position.

The rules by ellen fein

The rules by ellen fein

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  1. Right is a self-help book by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider , originally published in Why should they want the traditional feeling of being sought after?

  2. It's too easy to dismiss The Rules, to mock them for their earnestness and deplore them for their sexist, condescending attitude towards women.

  3. You are not a man. Some audiences considered it useful and motivational, while others felt that it was outdated, [3] anti men and antifeminist , [4] or a how-to guide that teaches women to play games that toy with men.

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