Get Acquainted With New Terms: What Does Lavaliering a Girl Mean?

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Theta chi lavalier tradition

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Only a Greek boy or in rare cases girl can lavalier their partner, as the non-Greek ones cannot get the letters. This act is said to precede engagement and then finally marriage. If the woman is in a sorority, she will keep her lavaliering a secret until her Greek chapter hosts a candle ceremony.

Theta chi lavalier tradition

Your wearing his lavaliere does NOT mean you represent his brothers. What does lavaliering a girl mean?

Theta chi lavalier tradition

Theta chi lavalier tradition

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  1. The woman who is going to be lavaliered will then blow the candle, and make the special announcement. Post-Lavalier Once a young woman has been given a Greek lavalier by her fraternity beau, it is often predicted that the two will become engaged shortly thereafter.

  2. All the brothers gather for the celebration, and the lavalier is presented to the girl. Once the relationship becomes more serious, he will then give her a lavalier necklace.

  3. It also does not mean that you "are at the same level as his brothers" whatever that means. It is a significant moment when a fraternity brother's sweetheart is lavaliered, and he often gives her this token of his affection in very romantic ways, such as a special holiday gift or surprise.

  4. Certain fraternities throughout the United States host lavalier ceremonies to present the female with the Greek lavalier. This act is said to precede engagement and then finally marriage.

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