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Tiwi tribe facts

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In precontact times—and in some cases today—marriages were arranged by a system of selecting a son-in-law for a young woman at the conclusion of her first-menstruation celebration. External trade with the mainland peoples did not exist prior to the early twentieth century and the arrival of European settlers on the islands. The annual kulama yam ceremony was the event at which initiation of males and females was finalized.

Tiwi tribe facts

Every day his wife Bima went out gathering food for him, accompanied by their young son Jinani. Mudungkala, an old blind woman arose from the ground at Murupianga in the south east of Melville Island. With this general cultural introduction concluded, Isaacs then steps back to discuss the history of the Tiwi, largely through the lens of contact stories.

Tiwi tribe facts

Tiwi tribe facts

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  1. In matrilineal clans, Leadership was largely ceremonial and was conferred according to seniority and competence among the males. Much of the art is linked to the ancestor Purrukapali, the Pukumani funeral ceremony and the Kulama initiation yam ceremony.

  2. The Tiwi speak a distinctive Language, distantly related to other Aboriginal languages.

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