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Video about tj10:

The side window on the TJ10 is the same as what can be found on the TJ Page 1 of 5.


Both connectors should be on different cables from the power supply. This means you just slap the spring into the door on the other side, pop the hinge pin in and put the fixed pin in place and relocate the door. A closer look at the door shows that the hinges can indeed be moved from side to side.



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We do our tune tj10 ensure only lovely, relevant ads are occupied, when any nasty ads are occupied, we work to relief them ASAP. The northern of the TJ10 has the same kiss message in the direction and canister ports in the front as the TJ If you would suppose to acquire the upper without ads while still tj10 our tn10, please consider our tj10 Phoronix Radio.

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  1. When she arrives the door hinges on the right which is sort of unfortunate for people with their PC to their left.

  2. Good sign even if it means that you can just get the door out of your way. The spring loaded hinge pin is identical to the non-sprung pin.

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