Top 40 Country Songs for July 2018

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Top country break up songs

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The girls had something unique and they stood out at the time. Lucille, Kenny Rogers Who would think that a silver-haired, near year old would go from relative unknown to one of the biggest country stars in history?

Top country break up songs

Usually things are pretty produced. Powerful song with all the production cut back and the focus on the sad story. Home, Blake Shelton Blake Shelton covered this one in and it went to number one on the charts.

Top country break up songs

Top country break up songs

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  1. And really if you look at it the song is not about how women are late men can be just as late. You just pay attention when you hear this one.

  2. The song is about a jealous lover. The album had four top ten hits with a number one and two number twos.

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