How do you do a "torrid kiss" and a "french kiss?"?

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Torrid kiss

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By mentally imagining each kiss a few times, you will trick your mind and memory into thinking that you have already kissed that way and each kiss will find its proper place in your repertoire. If you have any questions about kissing, you can leave those in the comments too.

Torrid kiss

Is a romantic, starter kiss. If things are going well, consider spicing it up a bit by moving your head down to kiss and lightly nibble your partner's neck. This type of kiss is usually done for fun.

Torrid kiss

Torrid kiss

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  1. Consider his body to be an undiscovered plateau of pleasures and explore each body part, with the attention it deserves; by biting, sucking or licking.

  2. The teeth gently grab your partners tongue as you kiss. Both of you should stand facing each other on a rug and then rub your feet on it.

  3. This gentle kiss reassures and warms and is given by your man and your shows you he cares.

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