Using the Internet to Exercise at Home

Exercising with a trainer, a social group, and/or outdoors may be the most fun and therefore the best way to have a sustained and effective workout routine. But for whatever reason, there are going to be times when getting in a quick workout at home or while traveling may be one’s best option. In the past some of the best ways to exercise at home were to use home exercise equipment, do self-guided exercise, watch an exercise program on television, or purchase and watch exercise videos or DVDs. Those methods are still valid today, but the internet has provided an additional option for guided exercise at home.


While exercising without a trainer or teacher present to provide personalized feedback on correct form and alternate methods, particularly for beginners, may be more risky due to the potential for injuries, those that have had previous guidance and experience (whether it be for lifting weights, yoga, pilates, stretching, etc) will find exercising at home or in a hotel from time-to-time a very convenient and freeing option.

Below are a handful of free online resources one can explore to find an at-home workout routine when its needed. Some free online exercise options may be shorter than one would like, but if that’s the case, find two or three online videos to watch back-to-back; one can act as a warm-up, one can be a more intense workout, and one can be a cool-down.

Exercise TV

This website has videos with multiple types of exercise, and quite a few of the videos are approximately 20 minutes long. The yoga and pilates videos are great for exercisers of all experience levels (though beginners, as mentioned above, should be extra careful to do modified poses so as to not strain muscles and tendons). No sign-up or login is required for watching many videos directly from the site, but there are commercials and advertisements (additional and/or commercial-free videos can be downloaded, however, for a fee). Additional Exercise TV episodes are available at the Hulu website.


Hulu has an eclectic collection of exercise videos, including some full episodes from Exercise TV. Search for a type of exercise in which you are interested (such as yoga or cardio), and change the ‘Video Type’ to ‘TV Full Episodes’. Free sign-up or login is not required to watch many videos.


One would be amazed how many exercise videos are on YouTube. Exercise videos on YouTube, however, are shorter and best for targeted toning exercises (i.e. not cardio). YouTube also contains a few short Tracy Anderson videos, including some from Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP website.

Again, whenever one is exercising without an in-person trainer or teacher it’s worth it to warm-up and know your own abilities and limits. Have fun with these exercising resources and enjoy the rewards of maintaining a workout routine, wherever you are!