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Not only did many Jews assimilate rapidly and sometimes with great success into non-Jewish society, Jewish law lost the solidarity and jurisdictional enclosure that enables many legal traditions to flourish. As he noted, words exist, as Stanley Fish would say, within an interpretive community. The Scoop on the Poop:


The concern stemmed from the fact that a large majority of the speakers promoted a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a solution that would mean the end of a Jewish state. The centrality of how fraught any discussion on the one state model would be at least in the Canadian context recurred as a theme from before that first email complaint up until the very day of the conference and beyond. However much necessity our shared understanding of history generates, it is hard for children of the Enlightenment not to see that it all could have been otherwise and it all might be otherwise.



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  1. We asked the Cast Members to show us the reference pages, and they happily obliged. No longer having the security of ghettos to retreat to, the pervasive and seemingly ineradicable anti-Semitism of European society exploited the vulnerabilities that arise from the openness of integration, assimilation, and hope.

  2. As a result of the dispersal and of the promise of integration, the jurisdictional scope that the ghettos had afforded the integrity and development of Talmudic law was commensurately diluted.

  3. It appeared that there could not be a space for discussing alternatives to the more orthodox two state model without triggering concentric rings of security alarms. Very few states have this tension so omnipresently part of the national dialogue with itself.

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