Clerical celibacy

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Vows of celibacy

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The Catholic Church today[ edit ] Main articles: If you still feel strongly about your commitment to a celibate life, continue with your lifestyle. The reverse is the case—if he be discovered, he will not be bound by the ordinary obligations of a husband, but will be condemned as an adulterer.

Vows of celibacy

A young man is usually encouraged to delay marriage until after he has been ordained an elder and served two years as a full-time missionary for his church. In fact, Anna is in a secret relationship with their mutual friend who's a rabbi, but they aren't sworn to celibacy, though extramarital relationships are still frowned upon usually. Father Clifford's standard-issue vow of celibacy becomes a serious problem for him when he falls in love with Assumpta.

Vows of celibacy

Vows of celibacy

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