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He had a strong enough dramatic sense that he tired of the ordinary divisions between sections of operas and tended to write his works in larger unified scenes that blended recitative, aria, ensemble, and choruses that actually preceded Gluck 's operatic reform of From to , he was also the private chapel organist for Dowager Empress Elisabeth Christine and in was appointed Hofklaviermeister Court Keyboard Master to the Imperial archduchesses. His father and grandfather were officials in the Imperial Court in Vienna.


Wagenseil 's earliest notable compositions were masses, ranging in instrumentation from a cappella works to orchestral masses with colorful orchestration involving four trumpets, timpani, cornet, trombones, bassoon, organ, and strings. After three years, Fux enthusiastically recommended him and Wagenseil obtained the post of composer to the court and kept that job until he died.



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  1. The court Kapellmeister, Johann Joseph Fux , noticed his accomplishments and recommended him for a scholarship in

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