Key Characteristics of Libra Females You Probably Didn't Notice

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What a libra woman looks for in a man

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Libran laughs are known to make an impression on people, who have had the pleasure of witnessing it at least once. So, if she gives you her real telephone number, and she actually answers the phone when you call, this is one of the sure signs a Libra woman likes you and is attracted to you. It is highly likely that you will not have your first argument with a Libra woman until very late into your relationship, but when it happens, you can be sure that she has begun to care for you deeply.

What a libra woman looks for in a man

The Capricorn man will bring structure to your life. She'll read up on things that interest him and even learn a language if his mother tongue is different.

What a libra woman looks for in a man

What a libra woman looks for in a man

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  1. While the mystery can seem sexy to start out with; later on it may be something that becomes a bit unnerving. Libra women leave nothing to chance when it comes to commitment.

  2. Librans and Friendships The ability to weight out options and possibilities can often cause indecision in Libran women.

  3. She can be wonderful, caring, give you her undivided attention and be just and responsible more than any other sign. There are many other factors that she considers before she gives her heart.

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