How is Opal Valued?

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What are opals worth

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Pattern Precious opals often display a variety of patterns. Pattern The pattern of coloured segments, forming the play-of-colour of a precious opal, is unique to every individual opal.

What are opals worth

Play-of-color can take four different forms: However, most are easily recognized by a fire pattern that looks like thin snippets of foil embedded in a glassy matrix or streaks and spots of fire with a geometric shape. Common Opal this type of opal is usually milky in appearance and has no play of colours.

What are opals worth

What are opals worth

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  1. Synthetic opals are cheaper than natural opals. Play-of-color is what makes opal a popular gem.

  2. See image, below Some crystal opal displays colour so intense, so dark, that the opal is referred to as 'black crystal opal.

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