What exactly is a blacklisted iPhone?

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What does blacklisting mean

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Since then, lawsuits for unfair dismissal have led to blacklisting being covert or informal, but it remains common. Apple Activation Lock Status:

What does blacklisting mean

Why does blacklisting exist? This shared blacklist also integrates with international databases to ensure complete cross-border tracking of stolen and lost devices.

What does blacklisting mean

What does blacklisting mean

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  1. The IMEI makes it easy for carriers to track lost and stolen phones, locking them out from cellular networks.

  2. The creation of the blacklist Back in , Europe was one of the first parts of the world to acknowledge the need for a shared database of stolen phones. What blacklisting means for you When an iPhone is put on a blacklist database, it prevents it from being activated on any wireless carrier until it is removed from the list.

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