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What is scammer means

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Something like sim lim do. One example of this is the lottery scam. But in most English and U.

What is scammer means

A scam almost always involves money or transactions that involve monetary loss to the victim. According to this source , Fraud is a broader category of wrongdoing than a scam. In your example, the scammers people who scam others have come up with a deceptive contractual agreement.

What is scammer means

What is scammer means

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  1. An example of fraud would be someone trying to impersonate you in an exam or submitting forged documents to gain entry into another country, etc. Something like sim lim do.

  2. In your example, the scammers people who scam others have come up with a deceptive contractual agreement. The victim would've signed without reading the entire document, eventually finding out that they have been cheated.

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