20 Signs a Pisces Has a Crush on You Secretly

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When pisces man likes you

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This is often due to their dreamy, wandering, and sensitive nature. It is due to his shy nature. You'll see every side of this Pisces because they are comfortable around you.

When pisces man likes you

If he feels like sitting in silence he can, if he feels like talking about something weird or off-beat he can do that as well. They don't want to just hang out or come up with plans, they want to feel like they are taking care of your needs, emotionally bonding with you, and devoting themselves to you.

When pisces man likes you

When pisces man likes you

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  1. The sign of the Twins can be quite charming and flirtatious, but Geminis tend to flirt with lots of people, rather than focusing their attentions on just one lucky recipient. A lot of Aquarius and Pisces-types are attracted to journalism as a career—they want to discover the facts, stories, and needs of humanity.

  2. Indirect approach A Pisces man will never approach you directly. Like his fellow water sign Cancer, the Pisces man will typically be open to tarot card reading, astrology, and numerology.

  3. A Pisces man will often pour their heart and soul into the work they create. Pisces are famous for their helpful behavior.

  4. Your Pisces crush may tell you at seemingly unexpected moments how he feels about you. It seems he is lost in his world where he can foresee future.

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