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Where to catch pyukumuku

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Edit Pyukumuku has no attacking moves, it just has moves that do indirect damage at most. Your best bet'd be using it against Sableye or Krokorok.

Where to catch pyukumuku

Four levels later, it gets Recover, another four levels later Soak turns the opponent into a water-type , another four levels later Toxic although you may have already gotten the TM for it before , and finally, it gets Memento at level 49, a move that lowers the opponent's attack stats and makes Pyuk faint. After getting Toxic, all battles are like this:

Where to catch pyukumuku

Where to catch pyukumuku

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  1. Later it gets Purify, which is very situational because it only heals Pyukumuku if the foe has a status condition.

  2. Pyukumuku can take on Salazzle by using Taunt and then Bide. At least it can do some damage via Innards Out.

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