pass piss test evrytime. (Not Really but a good discussion on Certo/Pectin)

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Where to get certoclear

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So that could be anywhere from nearly 0 to almost 64 grams. Certo can also have a slight diuretic effect.

Where to get certoclear

But the problem is that just grabbing at the first thing you find somewhere popular is a recipe for disaster. Those that have passed usually are also diluting at the same time they take the certo. Naming this thread pass every time when you post such poor information on how the human body works is completely irresponsible.

Where to get certoclear

Where to get certoclear

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  1. I have done my research on Certo though and this is what I have found: In my opinion, this is the safest way to pass an unsupervised urine test.

  2. With your low post count and a post filled with incorrect info on human physiology, I hope people will understand the saying "consider the source" and not depend on your method to pass. Why would you think Certo creates a barrier in your stomach?

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