'I'm scared that my vagina smells. Will other people have noticed?'

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Why do girls vaginas smell like fish

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Can you imagine the jokes those girls had to endure? And a few actually said a fishy smell is more common than we think.

Why do girls vaginas smell like fish

Hope this gives you some light. And yes, sometimes period blood mixes with the bacteria in your vagina and creates a smell that might not be the greatest. There are also certain foods which can impart a strong acidic smell to urine, or a bad smell may be due to taking certain medications.

Why do girls vaginas smell like fish

Why do girls vaginas smell like fish

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  1. When and where to seek help If you believe you have an infection then it is wise to seek help promptly.

  2. While gene mutations are responsible for most cases of trimethylaminuria, the condition can also be caused by other factors.

  3. If so you may be able to reassure yourself nothing is wrong with you and note what you have been taught about your genitals is unhelpful. Keep a diary for the next week.

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