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Winks meaning

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It would be interesting for you to know that a double wink, that is, winking two times in a row, should definitely be taken as a hint against some trickiness. SocialMettle Staff Last Updated: Flirting can be both harmless, or may connote an explicit invitation.

Winks meaning

This proverbial saying sounds as if it might be quite modern but it is in fact a 16th century phrase originating in England. The recipient of the wink, in this case, is either the person from which the secret is hidden, or, it could also be a third party who is aware of the hidden intentions of the giver against that person.

Winks meaning

Winks meaning

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  1. However, the most controversial wink title has to go to Cristiano Ronaldo's in the World Cup, after Wayne Rooney was given a red card due to an argument between the two.

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