Spend Nickelodeonís Worldwide Day of Play at The Woodlands Childrenís Museum

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Two KTM ticket counters can be found at JB Sentral with one side for tickets sales that leave on the day itself, while the other side is dedicated to ticket sales for later dates. Architecture plays a big role in creating Woodlands the form that it is today.


Once that is done, follow the track to the departure platform and wait for the train to arrive. Having Woodlands Square acting as the centerpiece, it has been attracting plenty of people into the town. Tickets will be scanned and you can proceed to your designated seats.



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  1. One of the most impressive development in Singapore is the second largest library of the country called Woodlands Regional Library located within the Woodlands Civic Centre.

  2. Just like other KTM trains, the seats are spacious and comfortable while you enjoy the speedy ride into Woodlands and beating the traffic on the road. This town is constantly being elevated with playgrounds, sheltered pavements, barbecue pits, communal gardens, multi-level parking lots, recreational facilities and trees can be seen almost everywhere to preserved the modernity that Singapore is known for.

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