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How did he only tan his arms and shoulder yet his stomach is tan? A first run at applying the Supreme Court's cases in this area might suggest a more concrete approach than we have offered—of placing, say, the number of overall applications of the statute in the denominator and the number of unconstitutional applications of the statute in the numerator.


Michael Murray, Lorraine R. But what it did can only be described as employing the tools of this most skeptical level of review, as it invalidated the provisions because they did not hew closely enough to any of the government's asserted interests in enacting the law. Yet these provisions could not be justified as remedying harms that flow from the production of child pornography because the images at issue were "produced without using any real children.



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  1. A law satisfies mid-level scrutiny if it advances a "substantial" government interest, if the measure does not "burden substantially more speech than is necessary" and if the measure leaves open "ample alternative channels for communication. How strange, moreover, that we would impose such a remedy after the government has withstood every as-applied First Amendment challenge to the law by the real people and businesses to whom it most naturally has been applied over the last twenty years.

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