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Using the Outlook connector, users can freely access email messages, contacts, and calendars in any Outlook. It was noted that the original "Windows Live Web Messenger" featured tabbed conversations in a "conversation workspace", however since its integration with Hotmail this has been removed.


Other Active View features include tracking of real time shipping status from United States Postal Service and performing social networking actions on LinkedIn or other social networking sites directly from within the email message. Other webmail enthusiasts also wanting to try the beta version could request an invitation granting access. Featuring greater storage space, speed, and interface flexibility, this new competitor spurred a wave of innovation in webmail.



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  1. The new service was built from scratch and emphasized three main concepts of being "faster, simpler, and safer".

  2. It was also expected that Hotmail team would be moving the advertisement from the top of page to the side, adding more themes, increasing the number of messages on each page and adding the ability to send instant messages from the user's inbox in future releases. Multiple calendars can be created and shared, allowing different levels of permissions for each user.

  3. One example of a feature no longer present is the ability to create custom domain names. After a period of beta testing , it was officially released to new and existing users in the Netherlands on November 9, , as a pilot market.

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